The Coveted Single


β€œ”Can’t Stop Running” is a contemporary approach to blues and American roots music,” says Zach Person about his debut single. β€œIt harkens to the spirit of The Black Keys and Jack White, but with a sound that is uniquely my own. It encompasses the raw, grit and soul associated with Texas, and layers in modern elements and sounds of pop radio.” – ZP

A cinematic, visual odyssey, “Can’t Stop Running” features wide, breathtaking scenes of the West Texas desert that seemingly transports you to another time and place; a post apocalyptic feel. The video was shot by Christopher Durst (Zach’s manager and former music photographer) on an iPhone 11 Max Pro using a variation of app lenses and filters, though it was entirely brainstormed, directed and edited by Zach. Said Christopher Durst of the shoot, “Zach really wanted to direct and edit his debut video, because it gave him another avenue to express his overall talents and creativity, something we have always supported and encouraged him to do.”

“Filming the music video for “Can’t Stop Running” was a blast. We just went out into the West Texas desert and started experimenting and trying different things. It was really a blessing in that we had a pocket of near perfect weather to shoot in. Some of the remote areas we were able to reach were just absolutely stunning. There’s a distinct stillness and quietness about the desert that you don’t find in most places. I think that’s why I like it so much.” – ZP